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The personal trainer Paris offers sports and fitness classes at home and abroad on Paris Ile-de-France 92 94 .
The personal coach will give you advice on sports nutrition and nutrition especially without diet but regain a healthy lifestyle.
A customizable and customized sport session !
The personal trainer puts his experience at your service to achieve your goals. A personal coach who will provide you with advice tailored to your situation.

Initiation to various techniques of cladding, muscle building without weight gain, stretching classes, find the line with my slimming coach Paris, losing weight fast thighs and belly , the search for well-being through sport with a good diet .

M. Coaching : Personal trainer Paris

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The personal trainer comes to your home at the hours and days you choose, it moves with its equipment to give you fitness classes adapted to your capabilities and goals, for maximum efficiency.

A custom-made, fully customized home gym session.

Being followed by a personal coach at your home allows you to benefit from quality courses by a professional of the trades of the form having a recognized know-how.
The personal trainer sets up a program according to your goals and also gives you some dietary advice to get the best results possible to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight quickly, sculpt your body. Well-being by sport with " M. Coaching ".

Personal trainer at home Paris


The personal trainer will help you go the extra mile by keeping your motivation constant. Taking a subscription in a room is good, but it is always difficult to keep the pace over time. Personal coaching helps you make the necessary break with your work and the stress of everyday life. In fact, it's like going to the gym, but without the monotony !

The coach helps you to progress in the sport that you like, or to learn to like a new sport, to put a foot in the competition, whether you have practiced the sport for several years or you come just get started and also gain confidence in yourself to set specific goals and stick to it so you can progress quickly.

In addition, having a private coach with experience to help you is also a guarantee of security. He will be able to correct the unsuitable postures when you perform the movements and ensure you in the exercises that may present risks to avoid injury.

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is the solution you've been waiting for your personal trainer at home in Paris Ile-de-France 92 94 !

Working with a personalized coach allows you to progress and get results faster. Indeed, I propose custom formulas whatever your goals: sculpt your body, lose weight, slim down fast and keep the line.

Personal trainer Paris


personal trainer paris - personal sports coach paris - personal trainer 92 - personal trainer 94

Size is an area that all people dream of having fine. Unfortunately, it is particularly difficult to draw without working a minimum. With M. Coaching discover the best exercises to refine your waist and get a wasp waist.

There is no secret or miracle recipe: to have a slim size, you have to adopt a healthy and balanced diet without a strict diet but based on a good food reflex, a varied diet covers almost all vitamin and mineral needs.

The aim of the diet is to keep us healthy but also to optimize the physiological abilities of the athlete. In addition the personal trainer is at your side to practice targeted exercises in relation to your waiting and your physical condition.

The sports coach invites you to reproduce "gestures and exercises" during the week according to a schedule set in advance, put all the chances on your side.

Personal trainer Paris because private coaching at home is now accessible with " "

A good benchmark is the price offered for a home gym class with a true professional. Indeed, if the price is too low, it is necessary to ask questions since a trained professional of the trades of the form and experimented would never accept to lower its tariffs.

Professional and experienced sports coaches.

A personalized program at home, at the office, or outdoors.

Total flexibility 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

We operate in Paris and Île-de-France

For more information or to request a home coach don't hesitate to contact us.

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